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Elevate your fitness journey with our goods that make you say,

'Who's your mommy?!'

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Tina Khieu

I had never been to the gym before having kids, but I decided to give it a try because I felt like my husband wasn't paying attention to me anymore. 

I volunteered to test the first Motivetrack fitness planner's prototype, and I have to say, I wouldn't have stayed focused on my goals for this long without it (as I write this, I'm two months into my fitness journey). The best part? The cleverly tucked away ebook that comes with it.

That little gem helped me create a customized workout program (I had zero knowledge, and with my kid, I definitely didn't have time to do any research). And guess what? I've never felt so sexy and feminine since I started training. My body isn't the same as before, but I feel even sexier than ever.

I went from this overwhelmed mother into a hot, energized mama!"

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Virginie Böhme

"I had the opportunity to test the fitness planner before its official release, and as an occasional fitness practitioner, I was initially skeptical about what could make this planner different from the rest.
However, I decided to give it a try, and I was pleasantly surprised by its excellent quality. The cover is incredibly durable, so I can throw it in my gym bag without worrying about it getting folded or damaged.
The sturdy binding and thick sheets give me confidence that this planner will last me a long time. As an experienced mother who deserves the best, I'm thrilled to have found a fitness planner that meets my high standards. "
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Sophie Wenger

"As a die-hard fitness enthusiast who practically lives at the gym, I was lucky enough to get my hands on the fitness planner before its official launch. Let me tell you, I was blown away!
Finally, a fitness planner that understands the needs of us hardcore trainers. Planning my workouts for up to 28 weeks has never been easier, and the design of this planner is seriously on point.
It's so artistic and sporty that I feel like a total badass whenever I whip it out of my gym bag. "
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